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Ski holidays in Europe

If you thought winters were all about gray skies, the blistering cold, & long snowed-in nights, think again…European winters come in vivid shades; the dazzling white expanse of the Alpine peaks, the azure Mediterranean’s nippy breeze ,& the psychedelic twirling

Ski holidays in Slovenia

Sometimes good things come in small packages. Slovenia, the tiny European country framed by the Alpine peaks & the Mediterranean Sea, is picture perfect; as if the finest mountains, gorges, lakes, meadows, & underground cave formations were handpicked & delicately

Bulgaria ski holidays

Pastoral villages and vibrant cities. Ancient ruinsandstoic monasteries. Wooded mountains and theBlack Sea coast. Bulgaria is an intriguing medley of contrasts. But come winter, Bulgaria transforms into a wondrous winter playground, with perfectly groomed pistes that lure skiers from the

Ski holidays in Finland

Go skiing in natures last frontier-The Arctic wilderness -surrounded by the fresh mountain snow, invigorating clean air, and the sound of silence. Beat the holiday crowd and the long queues at the ski lifts but say hi to reindeer, andSanta

Italy ski holidays

The Sistine chapel, the Venetian gondolas, the Tuscan countryside, the piazzas of Rome, The paintings of Michelangelo & the music of Vivaldi…the myriad facets of Italy has charmed visitors even before the advent of modern civilization. But, one of Italy’s

Family ski holidays Norway

Have you ever imagined living in a Disney fairytale? Well, head over to Norway to live in the set of Disney’s new adventure, Frozen. Norway’s snowscapes, the medieval churches, the stunning fjords, and the mesmerizing northern lights inspired the backdrop

Family ski holidays Austria

Austria- the city of contrasts- where the cities and castles are steeped in imperial history and the pastoral meadows and hills are alive with the sound of music. Experience the effervescent culture, dance to the rhythm of the Viennese waltz,

France Premium residence Le Village

You’ll like A pedestrianised village with traditional architecture, facing Mont Blanc “Doorstep skiing” residences and generously sized apartments New, the “5 Mondes “Deep Nature Spa®”. Your residence At the heart of the French Alps you will find eight warm, welcoming

Family ski holidays in France

A holiday guide for family ski holidays in France. Information on ski resorts, snow activities and travel tips. Visitors to France has always been enticed by romance, cuisine,art and fashion that France provides, but ardent skiers flock to France for

Family ski holidays in Europe & U.S

Planning a holiday that entertains the whole family can be as challenging as skiing down a vertical slope, but with an ounce of planning, you can achieve that memorable family ski holiday that’s a keepsake for the ages. Ideal-ski -holidays