Ski holidays in Europe


If you thought winters were all about gray skies, the blistering cold, & long snowed-in nights, think again…European winters come in vivid shades; the dazzling white expanse of the Alpine peaks, the azure Mediterranean’s nippy breeze ,& the psychedelic twirling colors of the Northern lights. Europe in the winter is a heady mix of spectacular scenery ,exhilarating adventures, & inarguably, the best ski terrains in the world.

The formidable European mountains come in all shapes & sizes, so there is a perfect slope for all levels of skiers, beginners to the experts. The Europeans have devised unlimited ways to enjoy the snow. Skiing, glacier skiing,cross country runs, snowboarding, or snow shoeing amidst snow sculpted woods, & Alpine peaks, helps revitalize the mind & body. Or enjoy an adrenaline rush by heliskiing,ice climbing, ski jumping etc.

The Haute route ski trek is the historic mountain trek route from Chamonix, France to Verbier, Switzerland; strictly for those in the quest of sublime adventure. The week long trek gives you lofty 1000 m ascents, breathtaking scenery of iconic mountains, glaciers, incredible skiing, and starry nights in Alpine huts! This ski trek goes on from March to April and gets sold out quickly.

The European ski resorts are unrivaled in sheer size, infrastructure & connectivity. The mega ski domains cover a massive network of slopes and ski resorts inter connected with a circuit of ski lifts and cable cars. The ski domains offer shared access passes with numerous resorts giving the skier endless terrain to ski .The ski lifts , gondolas and cable cars are well maintained & run efficiently. Most European ski resorts have hosted International winter competitions like Olympics, World ski cups etc.

A European ski holiday is infused with a myriad local flavours; the charming Alpine villages, the medieval castles, the sophisticated cultural scene, and legendary Après ski.The swanky Swiss resorts entice with its glitz & grandeur, while resorts in Andorra & Slovakia offer high quality skiing at reasonable prices. Chamonix, in France, Kitzbuhel & St.Anton in Austria, Zermatt & Verbier in Switzerland, are rated among the top 10 ski resorts in the world.
The Northern European countries like Norway, & Finland offer a taste of wilderness with reindeer sledding, ice fishing,igloo villages & a spectacular stage for viewing the Northern lights( Aurora Borealis)

Europe offers a varied choice of upscale hotels, castles, chalets, Alpine lodges &, bed & breakfast inns where old world charm meets modern luxury. Most hotels boast of impeccable service, certified babysitting, health & fitness centers, & signature restaurants.

Ski tours offer custom made packages which features the best of Europe’s offerings. Look out for all inclusive packages which includes flights, accommodations, food & beverages, lift passes, and ski instruction. Get the best deals today………..

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